Lowther Endowed School
& Little VIPs Day Care

Achieving, Caring, Enjoying

Who we are – staff

Little VIPs Day care at Lowther Endowed School is a governor led nursery.

Cecilia Emery is the Chair of Governors and she is the person registered for Ofsted for Little VIPs Nursery at Lowther Endowed School.   You can find the rest of our Governors on our school website at:- – Meet the Governors.

Carla Weild is the head teacher at Lowther Endowed School and the Manager of Little VIPs Nursery.  She is the safeguarding lead across the School and Nursery.

Hayley Greenhow is the Baby Room Supervisor (0-2 Area) and Assistant Manager, Deputy Safeguarding lead (DDSL)

Chrissy Byrne – Pre-school Play Leader & Assistant Manager, Early Years SENCo, Deputy Safeguarding lead (DDSL)

Toni Slessor: Childcare & Educational Practitioner  - Toddler & pre-school room

Sarah McNeill: Childcare & Educational Practitioner  - Toddler & pre-school room

Emily Dust: Childcare & Education Practitioner – Under 2s

Erin Moore: Childcare & Education Practitioner – Babyroom

Michaela Sowerby: Childcare & Educational Practitioner  - Babyroom


Gill Graham: Childcare & Educational Practitioner – cover 

Abigail Westhorpe – Childcare & Educational Practitioner - cover