Lowther Endowed School

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School policies cover every aspect of school life!  Below are some of our most important policies for your information.

Accessibility Plan 2023

Admissions Policy

Child Protection Policy - Peer on Peer policy within

Homework Policy 2021

Single Equality Statement 2022-23


We will ensure that school resources and information as well as curriculum content promote diversity and positive images of traditions, language, disabilities, culture and ethnicity, as well as challenging any stereotyping and discrimination including those relating to gender and orientation. Our school has an Access Policy and Action Plans which reflect our commitment to making our school as available as possible to our community and school members. We inform parents/carers of the legislation and protocol relating to the freedom of information, the taking of photographs and/or other images of children, etc. Where necessary, we seek permission to carry out certain activities. Parents/carers are able to withdraw their child from Collective Worship and RE sessions in school.


We have a clear charging policy which states that no child will be disadvantaged or excluded form an activity if voluntary contributions are not possible.


Tackling Racial Discrimination Racist:-  incidents will be promptly, consistently and openly tackled using the clear procedures in place. Everyone can expect to be listened to and have their complaint investigated.


These guiding principles will be used:


An incident should be treated as racist if the victim or any other person present defines it as such (in our infant school, the person deciding will often be a member of staff.)


Always try to identify and respond to the needs of the person who has been the target of the abuse. Always be seen to take the issue seriously by those involved and any witnesses.

Always record and report the incident however, seemingly, ‘low level’ it might be using the school’s yellow incident sheets.

Information will be stored on the data base and reported to the governors and local authority as required.

The head teacher will actively involve parents and relevant staff in responding to the incident. The head teacher and Governors will consider whether there are any long-term implications from the incident for school policy, curriculum and practices.



Equality Scheme October 2020

Charging and Remissions Policy

PSHE including Relationships and Sex Education) Policy 2021

Whole School Food Policy 2020-21