Lowther Endowed School
& Little VIPs Day Care

Achieving, Caring, Enjoying

Our Vision and Values

                   Achieving, Caring, Enjoying


We take our children at the age of 4 into the Lowther Endowed School family and send them out at the age of 11, knowing that their voice has been heard, that they have been nurtured and that they are healthy, responsible creative and well-rounded individuals with a love of learning and the ability to be challenged. We know we have all done our job as educators, when children look back and know that Lowther Endowed is where their love of learning began …




At Lowther Endowed School, we challenge our pupils to achieve their full potential, developing their confidence, resilience and self-belief. 

Our broad, exciting and outward looking curriculum means that pupils are given every opportunity to shine and become enthusiastic lifelong learners. 

We make the most of our outdoors and bringing learning to life whenever we can. 

We teach our pupils to value kindness, care for each other and be valued members of our community.

















Cultural Capital in the EYFS


What is Cultural Capital in Early Years?


Cultural capital is all about providing children with experiences and opportunities to help them progress and achieve success. By creating a rich and varied EYFS curriculum that offers diverse, engaging activities, all children can be supported to achieve their potential. When children start in an early years setting, they already have a variety of different experiences. Cultural capital in EYFS is about celebrating and building on these early experiences and providing other new opportunities to be curious, explore, try new things and experience awe and wonder. The aim of cultural capital is to create possibilities for children's knowledge, understanding and abilities to be developed and extended through new opportunities and experiences. This gives children the best possible start to their education and promotes future success


How do we cover cultural capital?


We aim to cover cultural capital through the variety of opportunities and experiences presented to the children in our setting.


 • Learning more about a topic the children are interested in using books or the internet.  Celebrating significant historical events.

• Creating a role-play activity based on a new experience, such as a visit to a shop or cafe.

• Exploring and describing new materials in a science experiment.

• Looking at seasonal changes or the weather.

• Exploring new musical instruments, music, songs and rhymes from different cultures.

• Being active outdoors, playing new games and using different types of equipment.

• Celebrating festivals and cultural events, such as Diwali, birthdays or sporting events.

• Organising a visit to local castles.

• Arranging a visit to our setting from a local organisation, Penrith Fire & Rescue Service, and Penrith Local Community support Officers.  Walking around our local area and visiting the building site.

• Sharing news and activities that they do with family and friends.

• Writing a letter together and going to the post office or postbox to send it.

• Reading a variety of stories, poems and non-fiction books and explore and use new vocabulary.

• Exploring a range of natural and manufactured materials to promote awe and wonder.

• Introducing, sharing and exploring different greetings and languages.

• Providing activities where children are invited to take turns and share resources and learn to cooperate, discuss, reason, solve problems and make decisions.

  • Celebrating disability and diversity through sport.