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The key benefits of Google Classrooms are:

  • Work is posted and handed in on the same website, removing the need to send an email in with attachments.
  • Tasks can be presented in a more user friendly way, with attachments and Youtube videos next to the task.
  • We can keep tasks on Google Classrooms for a longer period than on the website.
  • Feedback can be attached directly to the piece of work.
  • Google Classrooms has a shared ‘stream’ where staff can post messages and stay in touch, and children can respond.
  • Google Meet is built in to the service so class video meetings can be arranged much more easily and will not require codes and passwords emailed out.
  • No need for printing resources, or reduced need.

A few common issues and questions:

  • How do I login? on a computer or use the app.
  • Logged in, but not showing any classes? Switch your Google account to ensure it’s the school one, not your personal one.
  • Need help? Watch an introduction and help videos above.  
  • How do I give in the work? No need to email it, just click on ‘hand-in‘ or ‘submit’. The staff will then take a look, and then return it.
  • Can I still do work on paper and submit it? Yes, this can be done through Google Classroom. Watch the help videos to find out more.