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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors' section.


The governing body of Lowther Endowed School is made up of:


2 Parent Governors (elected by parents/carers of pupils registered at the school at time of appointment)

1 LA Governor (appointed by the Local Authority)

2 Staff Governors (elected by staff of the school)

8 Foundation Governors (appointed by Lowther School and Exhibition Endowment)

1 co-opted Governor (elected by the Governing Body)


In addition to the full governing body, which is Chaired by Kieran Barr, we have two committees made up of governors who serve on the full governing body:


Staffing and Curriculum -

Finance and Environment - Chaired by Zoe Calway


Contact with the Governing Body can be made via Emma Daley, Clerk to Governors by emailing:


Our Governing Body: 


Robert Benson



Simon Cooper Pupil premmium


Alice Vince SEND


Kieran Barr



Christine Strong  


Sue Tomlinson



Ruth Tupling

Safe Guarding




Local Authority

Vacancy Health and Safety


Emma Capstick



Zoe Calway 



Kerry-Anne Booth

Staff Vacancy  


John Banks


Head Teacher

Carla Tickner

Clerk Emma Daley   





To contact the Governors please email:

Governor Record of Attendance

Governor Name Committee Responsibility Previous years attendance 19/20 Current years attendance
Kieran Barr Both Chair 10/10 4/4
Zoe Calway Finance 

Vice Chair/ Chair Finance committee


7/7 2/3
Carla Tickner Both Head Teacher 10/10 4/4
Sue Tomlinson Curriculum   6/7 3/3
Ruth Tupling Curriculum Safe Guarding 5/7 3/3
Christine Strong Curriculum   10/10 2/3
Simon Cooper Finance

Pupil premium

Vice chair Finance Committee

6/7 3/3
Kerry-Anne Booth Curriculum EYFS 6/7 3/3
Alice Vince Curriculum SEND 7/7 3/3


Kate Dustan (left June 2020 Curriculum Vice Chair Curriculum committee 6/7 N/A
Anne-Marie Tulloch Finance Finance 3/3 N/A
Robert Benson Both   0/10 0/4
Colton Huddart (joined April 2020) Finance Health and Safety 4/4 1/2 resigned
Peter Knutsford (joined April 2020) Curriculum   4/4 2/2 resigned

John Banks 

(joined January 2021

Finance Finance N/A 1/1
Emma Capstick     N/A 0/0


Governor Declared Pecuniary Interests.
Governor Pecuniary Interest declared
Kieran Barr  
Zoe Calway The legal firm she works for is the same one that drew up the contsact for the nursery joining the school premesis.
Simon Cooper  
Kerry-Anne Booth  
Christine Strong  
Alice Vince  
Ruth Tupling  
Sue Tomlinson  
Emma Capstick  
Robert Benson  

Governor Term of office

Governor name Governor type Governor term of office Start date
Emma Capstick Parent 4 years March 21 2021
Simon Cooper Foundation 4 years April 3 2017
Ruth Tupling Foundation 4 years April 3 2017
Sue Tomlinson Foundation 4 years April 3 2017
Christine Strong Foundation 4 years April 9 2018
Kerry Anne Booth Staff 4 years Sept 2 2019
Zoe Calway Parent 4 years April 3 2021
Robert Benson Foundation 4 years April 3 2017
Vacancy Co-opted 4 years April 9 2018
Alice Vince Foundation 4 years Oct 1 2020
Kieran Barr Foundation 4 years March 15 2021
Vacancy Staff    
Vacancy Foundation