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First Aid and Medication

First Aid and Medication:


All our team members are committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest developments and practices of Paediatric First Aid. 
All incidents and accidents however minor are recorded and parents/carers will be informed in person and via our Famly App.  They will be asked to sign the recorded details of any incidents.


We will only give medicines that are prescribed by the child’s doctor (in their original bottles with labelling).  These will only be carried out if we have prior consent to do so on our written medicine form.  

We will also need the following information labelled on the medicine -

  • The child’s name
  • The exact dosage required
  • Time/times to be given
  • Time of when last given at home

Medicines will only be given by the principal carer present, and will be witnessed by the manager, or room managers.  A medicine form will be completed by the parent/carer in conjunction with the manager/key person.  These need to be countersigned on collection of the child.

Care Plans will be completed with parents/carers in consultation with the child’s doctor or School Nurse, and the manager for any child with regular medical needs.