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We are a sporty bunch!  There are lots of sports opportunities at Lowther.  As well as PE activities, there are many tournaments and competitions such as football, hockey (quick sticks), cross-country, gymnastics and swimming galas.  We also have Action Ants (Lee) who teaches us a wide range of sports and other exercises such as archery, obstacle courses, hockey and dodgeball.   We love it when sporty people visit us too in school such as Nat Pattinson, who teaches us wheelchair basketball, Carl from Carlisle United who teaches us football. This year Stuart Robinson, who plays wheelchair rugby after he lost his legs in an accident, came in and inspired us all, as well as showing us some exercises the team do to train.  
































We are really lucky too as we have many i-pads and laptops in school and we think our technology skills are fantastic.  We use them in so many ways to help us learn.  In computing lessons recently for example, we have been learning about how to set up your own website as well as 3D computing modelling using Tinkercad.  It is great fun.  









































This year we have started to do our own Forest School activities with Emma (one of our teaching staff).  We love to learn how to build dens and cooking over the camp fire is also brilliant. Hedgehogs class used their own woody play area for their activities (but it did rain a lot!) and they learnt to paint with their own grass and twig brushes using squashed berries.  Otters built shelters and learnt how the Stone Age people lived in our new Forest School area we are creating, but Badgers had the best fun when they went over to the woods nearby and played games, did scavenger hunts and constructed our own dens - pretty hard in the frost!















Every two years the Year 5s and 6s go on residentials to Lockerbie Manor, residential activity centre in Lockerbie, Scotland, where they get to sleep in pods, abseil, canoe, cycle and many other exciting activities.  Alternate years, we go to Edinburgh to learn about the city and see how different it is to our village life.  We did used to go to Liverpool but now we are heading to Edinburgh to visit St Marys Close the Dynamic Earth, play golf and see the castle.  Other classes go on fun days out to help them learn such as to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum, the British War Museum and the Lowry, and Hedgehogs class love to go to Maryport Aquarium.  We also love to invite people into school such as the Fire Brigade, the Police, Phunky Foods (to help us learn to cook) and Woodmatters who we have fun doing a whole Stoneage day with!  Last year all the classes contributed to a big river project with Eden Rivers Trust.  Check out our video - we are very proud!  


















































































































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