Lowther Endowed School

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Primary PE and Sports Grant

We pride ourselves on our range of sporting activities that we provide for the children.  It is our aim to ensure that all children find activities that they will enjoy, improving their skills and go on to have a lifelong understanding on how physical exercise enhances our bodies and our lives!  




We have used Action Ants PE to support us in delivering a range of activities over the school year.  These include archery, golf, rounders, hockey, hockey as well as a range of other ball sports.  Lessons are fast paced and very well equipped.  Our own staff learn the teaching of these skills alongside the coaches.  Lee from Action Ants has worked with us now for the past two years and knows all the children very well in order to help push their own individual skills on.  


















In addition to this, we employ a range of coaches over the year, again both to teach the children and the enhance the learning of our own teachers.  These include cricket, badminton, and tennis coaches.


Other sporting activities have included the fantastic Boogie Bounce with our very own Sarah Newby, Wheelchair Basketball with Nat, Razzamatazz dance sessions, dance with Mrs. Pinkerton and bike-ability for our Year 5 children.




All our KS2 children attend Penrith Leisure pool for swimming lessons for a series of swimming and water safety lessons.

Action Ants Sports Competitions

Exciting PE at Lowther