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After School Club

Our After School Club (ASC) runs from 3.35 pm - 5.30 pm (Monday - Friday) to provide affordable childcare to help balance work and family commitments.  It is run by Emma Daley. Emma is a qualified teaching assistant with years of experience.


Activities and Events

A programme of activities will run each week changing on a regular basis.  At Lowther we consider it essential that children, who have spent a full day at school, have lots of fun at ASC.  We really want them to enjoy being there.  While we take account of the school curriculum in designing the activities, the aim is not to provide extra teaching.

Autumn Term Activities:

2/3 September: Decorate ASC tree and introduce International Friendship month

7 September: Making playdough

9 September: Build a sky scraper challenge with prizes

14 September: Celebrate World Doughnut Day by decorating our own doughnut!

16 September: Bug hunt on school field with prizes

21 September: International Sign Language day is 23 September. We will learn some sign language this week ready to video on 23 September

23 September: Make sign Language video

28 September: Cookery night.  Making cookies

30 September: Last day of Friendship month. Make edible friendship bracelets to give to your friends

5 October: This is international Space week. Launch rockets on school field.

6 October: Make a cardboard solar system for our After school club space display

7 October: Make clay moons

12 October: This is Ocean week. Make under the sea scenes.

14 October: Make an Octopus

19 October: Cookery night. Making cupcakes.

21 October: Today is apple day. We will make our own tasty snack with apples.

22 October: End of term popcorn night!



Making bridges/towers with spaghetti & marshmallows!

Boat Making

Our Advent Calendar

When the weather permits we aim to take the children outside to play games and be involved in creative play in the fresh air.  

The provision of a healthy snack provided by our wonderful kitchen staff is included in the fee and will be served at 4 pm.


Contacting After School Club

ASC can be contacted via the school office telephone number: 01931 712344


Booking and Fees

To book a place at ASC please complete the booking form below or phone the school office on 01931 712344


The cost of After School Club per pupil per session:

Session 1:  3.35 pm - 4.30 pm £3 
Session 2: 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm £3
Late collection after 5.30pm will be charged an additional £10

Fees will be charged on to your child's SchoolMoney account each week and should be paid in full on a monthly basis.

Should you wish to use a childcare voucher scheme through your employer, please pop in and see Mrs Price in the school office. Thank you.

Registration Form

As the club operates when school staff may have left, it makes sense for some information to be held by ASC staff.  We ask for a registration form (link below) to be completed to ensure that we know:

  • how to contact parents;
  • who to contact in an emergency;
  • who is authorised to collect your child / children;
  • any medical conditions in order for us to look after your child;

ASC is run by Lowther Endowed School so the school's policies and procedures apply.