Lowther Endowed School

Achieving, Caring, Enjoying

School Council

This year 2021-22, the School Council are having meetings on Monday afternoons.  


Our current School Councillors are:

Hedgehog Representatives:   Bailey C and Sophia C

Otters Representatives:          Beck and  Caitriona     

Badger Representatives:         Kelda and Layton      


During their time in office the children will: 
  • gather feedback from other pupils regarding school teams;
  • become safety officers and report health and safety issues to council in order to ensure everyone understands the importance of our health and safety;
  • create some promotional material for our school:
  • organise events to help raise money for school, for local and national charities .


Other roles that the School Council perform include:

  • Responding to childrens’ suggestions positively with consideration for all.
  • Helping to organise school events, initiatives and special occasions.
  • Meeting and welcoming visitors to the school.
  • Helping to take a lead in dealing with whole school issues such as preventing bullying and improving behaviour.
  • Being available as a buddy to any children in need of assistance.
  • Purchasing playtime equipment and other school resources.