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Liverpool June 2019

Because of the Pandemic, it has been a few years since our city residential visit.  However, these photos give visitors an idea of the fun we have on our trip to Liverpool.  


Next visit will be June 2023!

Friday 28 June

Well...we’ve made it to Friday. 

All up, packed, breakfasted and checked out. 

10.00 We’ve popped to see some street art in Jamaica Street - Liverpool Wings by Paul Curtis. Got a good pic of each and everyone of us. 

Off to the beach now to see Antony Gormley’s statues. 

11.50 We’re on the beach. Honey says doing the beach art is really fun. Charlie likes the beach. Jazmyn thought the statues were bigger than she thought and there were more than she thought. Chloe wondered why the statues were just men.

13.15 we’re setting off to head home. See you soon. 


Thursday 27 June 2019

07.30 The boys and Mrs Thomas have had a great trivia quiz this morning. Heading into breakfast at 8.30

8.30 Wow - a great breakfast. All fuelled up for the day.  Harriet had six things for breakfast! 

Thoughts on Liverpool city - it’s busy. There’s lots of traffic and the Albert Dock is pretty. 

11.30 Lauren loved the Beatles story and it was fun to listen about the Beatles cos we all had headsets. 

Chloe has enjoyed filling in the gaps in her knowledge of the Beatles. 

The discovery zone has been ace. Elizabeth loved dressing up and playing vinyl records. 

Lily loved the discovery zone. She enjoyed the piano and colouring in activity

13.45 we’ve been enjoying the sunshine and watching people on an inflatable adventure ride in Albert Dock. Everyone wants to have a go on this but (un)fortunately we haven’t got our costumes!

15.00 Our visit to the synagogue was fabulous. Keira thought that the synagogue was huge and the she enjoyed learning about the yad. Lily thought it was fun, she liked the massive scroll that was written in Hebrew. It was kept in a really pretty bag. Jonny thought the synagogue was huge and expensively decorated. 

15.40 we headed on the bus to the Museum of Liverpool 


Honey loved bowling. She liked that the lanes were jazzy and it was a good laugh.The bowling champions are Lauren, Jazmyn Keira and Henry. Well done guys

21.30 well - advanced warning to the tooth fairy - Honey and Emily have both lost teeth and put them safely in their bags for tomorrow.

21.45 Storytime round two! 

Wednesday 26 June

09.15 Journey going smoothly at moment. On the outskirts of Preston. 

11.00 We are on board the Razzle Dazzle ferry, heading towards Spaceport. Evelyn says that the boat is pretty, and much bigger than she thought. There are lots of visitors on board. 

11.20 Steven has been on a boat for the first time. He very proudly announced that he wasn’t sea sick - ( nor were the rest of us) 

12.15 In spaceport - Erin thinks it’s good and interesting. She’s found out a white dwarf goes into a red giant. 

13.20 we’ve loved our lunch stop and now we’re on the boat heading to the U-Boat experience. A little ahead of schedule due to minor changes in today’s itinerary. 

14.30 The U-boat was amazing. Emily found out that the captain was only 23 and the youngest person was 17. There were 55 crew and all survived even though it was sunk. 

15.30 ou next stop was the Maritime Museum 

17.00 Dinner time at the Youth Hostel was delicious. Harriet said the vegetarian lasagna was amazing. Just now getting ready for the climbing wall. 

19.30 We are LOVING the Climbing Hangar. Too busy having fun to say much more! 

20.45 Lewis reckons he has conquered his fear of heights at the Climbing Wall. Whilst Merry thought it was really good cos there were easy routes and harder routes and it was a really busy place. The teachers have also enjoyed having a few minutes off whilst the instructors took the children in their capable hands. Heading back now for showers as we are all hot, sweaty and full of chalk.  So..

22.15 We’ve just had a half hour bedtime story. Role-modelling reading at bedtime. And now to bed... goodnight all x