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Liverpool June 2017

Wednesday 28 June 2017



Arrived in Liverpool via the docklands having spotted massive container ships, the Liver building and the Echo wheel. Next to catch the ferry to 'Spaceport' and the 'Uboat Experience'.



Update from 'Spaceport' from Abi, Jenni & Poppy.......We have been on a space simulator and have viewed the Star Wars exhibition.  We have also learnt lots about space and looked at real space suits.  The space dome was amazing and taught us that scientists are finding out about the possibilities of life out in space!


Update from Olivia & Cody.......Thanks Lynne for the lovely lunches, the sandwiches were fabulous!


Update from Katie & Daisy......We thought the simulator was great fun!



Unfortunately the children haven't been able to visit the 'Uboat Experience' this afternoon as the Mersey Ferry has broken down! Instead they are being transported by coach from 'Spaceport' back to the Albert Dock where they are going to visit the Maritime Museum before heading to the Echo Wheel.



Update from Vinnie, Isaac & Sonny......We have visited the Maritime Museum, it was great.  We have learnt loads about the Titanic (there were 12 dogs on board!) and we have walked through pretend docklands.



Update from Evie & Thomas.....The wheel was nice and we had a great view - even in the rain!



All checked in to the Youth Hostel and had their evening meal.

Update from Katie & Maia......We've settled in well and the rooms are amazing!  We have had sausage and mash for tea followed by sponge and custard or fruit salad.



Update from Hettie......We have all arrived at Laser Quest and have started our first game.  It took us a little bit longer because the bus couldn't find a big enough parking spot!  After game one we are having some juice and then a second game.  Nobody is tired yet!



Laser Quest done and now travelling back to the Youth Hostel.  Mr Mason is currently leading an on board science lesson; all about how the condensation on the windows has been produced by the amount of sweaty bodies on the bus!!

It'll be compulsory showers, a spot of supper and then off to bed shortly. Night, night!

Thursday 29 June 2017



Update from Lily S.....We're all up and breakfast was really yummy.  Lots to choose from.  Soon we are collecting our packed lunches.


Update from Freddy & James......We've had room inspection and we scored 8 out of 10!



Update from Hannah......We are now off to the Beatles Story to find out things about the Beatles! It's raining lightly.



Update from Summer.......We played some music on a record player at the Beatles Story.  Daniel said it was scratchy.  Vinnie, Bailey and Daniel dressed up as the Beatles.

Photos will be uploaded when we return to school!!



Update from Lily H.......The exhibition with the audio guide was really clever.  It was all really colourful and I found out loads.



Update from Libby.......We have finished off our Beatles experience at the Pier Head exhibition where we saw guitars and had a go at playing the drums.  Now we are off to the Synagogue to learn more about Judaism.



Update from Allan.....The Synagogue was amazing!  The decorations are made from gold leaf and it was very enjoyable to learn about the religion.  We saw a Sedar Plate with bitter herbs.



Update from Izzie......We are just back from the Museum of Liverpool.  I enjoyed watching the film, in fact we all ended up watching it laid or sat on the floor because we are a bit tired!  A lot of us have spent up all our money visiting the gift shops in Spaceport yesterday, the Beatles Story and in the shop at the museum today.



Update from Bailey.....We had burgers and chips for tea followed by lemon meringue pie - I liked it, it was tasty!  We are at ten pin bowling now.



Update from Lauren.....We have been bowling, it was amazing and great fun!  Some people used the bumpers and some didn't, but we all had a fun time.  Now we are back at the Youth Hostel and we have to go for a shower.  It's then time to brush our teeth and go to bed.  Goodnight all!

Friday 30 June 2017



Having considered the weather forecast and knowing the Crosby area, we have slightly adjusted our plans for today.  After breakfast we are going to pack the bus and then walk back to the Museum of Liverpool for an hour.  The children are looking forward to seeing the other areas and exhibits that we didn't manage to get to yesterday.  The bus will then pick us up and take us to Crosby for lunch.  Here we will see the statues and hopefully have a good game of footy, cricket or rounders.  We will be leaving Crosby at 1pm, as per itinerary and will send a text en route with our estimated time of arrival back at school.



Update from staff......We've all tucked in to another filling breakfast and made our packed lunches.  All busy now packing bags and stripping beds!



Update from all the children.......Considering the differences between home and city life - it's busy and noisy.  It has lots of museums, traffic and high rise buildings.  There's not many animals or fields, but lots of places of worship including mosques, cathedrals and synagogues.

There are lots of historic buildings and modern ones too. We've seen house boats and lots of activity on the dockside, but above all it's really, really busy and noisy all day and through the night!



Now on board the bus heading to Crosby beach.  The best part about our morning at the Museum of Liverpool has to be the whole group singing in the karaoke booth!!



We have seen the statues, had lunch and are now in the playground.  A couple of minutes more and then we'll be boarding the bus ready to head back to Lowther. 



We are travelling along the M6, singing 'Hey Jude' very loudly! Expected to be back at school at 3.10pm.



All arrived safely back at school, what a fabulous trip we've had. Be sure to look at our photos!




A huge thank you to Mr Mason, Mrs Gill, Miss Auty and Mrs Thomas for working tirelessly both day and night for the last three days in order to make this trip such a successful one...


to Mrs Price for organising the whole trip and uploading all the blog updates which so many of you have enjoyed.




Wednesday 28 June



Coach departs Lowther School


Arrive Liverpool and catch ferry for Spaceport




Uboat Experience


Echo Wheel


Evening Meal


Laser Quest at ‘Area 51’


Lights Out!


Thursday 29 June





Beatles Story




Grammy Museum


Synagogue tour & educational talk


Museum of Liverpool


Evening Meal


Ten Pin Bowling at ‘Hollywood Bowl’


Lights Out!


Friday 30 June





Crosby Beach: Antony Gormley statues. Lunch, football/cricket on the beach


Depart Crosby


Arrive Lowther School