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Hedgehogs (Rec / Yr1)

Take 50! We got there in the end...just! :-)

Take 50!  We got there in the end...just! :-) 1 Welcome to Hedghog class!

Hello and welcome to Hedgehogs' class!  We are a Reception and Year 1 Class!  Our teacher is Miss Booth.  We have lots of grown-ups to help and look after us whilst we are having fun learning. We are lucky to have Mrs Gill (Higher level TA) and Mrs Pinkerton (Fri am) to support our class.

Our teachers make sure that our classroom is always inviting and colourful.  We are proud of the work that we do and they display our work for everyone to see!  We are very lucky to have so many fun areas to work in; including the craft, construction, writing, Numeracy, role-play, book and quiet area.

We are also very lucky to have such a wonderful outdoor area and we do a lot of our learning outside.  We make the most of it, even when it’s raining, because we have a big shelter to keep us dry!   We also have an amazing wildlife area where we make dens, look for mini-beasts, and make up games to play.  Our teachers and helpers have an exciting plan to make this area even better!  We will keep you up to date and try to put lots of photographs on for you to see.


We have lots of really exciting topics this year.  Our Autumn topic is ‘Into the Woods.’ 

We will reading lots of stories which are all set in the woods/familiar settings. We will be looking at the different characters in the stories and learning how to use story making words to retell them.   Our outdoor house will be turned into “The Three Bears house."


 In Science,we will be learning about 'Animals including Humans/Ourselves.'  We will be identifying, naming, drawing and labeling the basic parts of the human body and saying which parts of the body is associated with each sense.   Will will identify,  name, describe and compare a variety of common animals including, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.


In Art, we are learning about colour mixing and how to create different shades of colours.


We will be having PE on a Monday with Mr French and 'bike ability' on Wednesday afternoons.  So our teacher asks if we have our PE kits in school.   Our teachers say that it’s important that we have our names in our kits and our uniforms.


                     "I love Action Ants and doing Archery.  I like demonstrating too!"   (Coco Year 1)


Show and Tell  will be on a Monday and Friday.   We are allowed to bring in something special from home and talk about it in front of our friends at school.  Our teacher chooses 2 children to do their 'show and tell' and their names are put onto our classroom door as a reminder.


                     "I like doing show and tell because I get to bring in things from home!" (Alex Year 1)


On a Monday we get our phonics homework and on a Friday we get our Numeracy homework.  We are also encouraged to read at least 3 times a week at home and our books are changed on a Monday and Thursday.  We are learning to organise our personal belongings; so we are encouraged to get our books out ready for our teachers to change.


                                                                           ThAnK YoU!

                                                      From everyone in Hedgehogs' class :-)


If you have any worries or queries please come in and speak to either myself or Mrs Gill - our door is always open.

Our School Council Reps from Hedgehogs' class!

Our School Council Reps from Hedgehogs' class!  1 Esca Barr and James Brooker
Esca and James said that they really enjoyed their first meeting.

Notice board


Dear Parent/Carer,


This is just a little note to say that we are all so pleased with the way the Reception children have settled in to school life at Lowther. Members of staff have complimented them on their lovely manners and good behaviour in and around school. We are all very proud of each and every one of them and you should be too!


Well done Reception- Keep up the great work!


Thanks for your support.


Kind regards,


Miss Booth and Mrs Gill.


Diaty dates


Reading meeting for Reception parents

Miss Booth and Mrs Gill would like to invite Reception parents to a reading meeting in school on Thursday 9th November at 4:00pm. The purpose of the meeting is to share information about how we teach reading in school and how to support children with their reading home.

Following the meeting, the Reception children will be given new reading books from our Oxford Reading Tree Scheme and optional weekly phonics homework.

Our new 'Rocket Room!' Small group work- We aim to reach the stars!!

Our Autumn topic is 'Into the Woods.'

Autumn term timetable

Jack and the Beanstalk....Making shrinking potion for the Giant! 10.10.17

6.10.17 Our extremely fun Razzamataz session!

6.10.17   Digging up the potatoes we grew!!!!

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